Hallmark is a Family run business and i attribute our 28 years of sucess to maintaining customer confidence in our ability to deliver a full after sales package.

We offer varied levels of Warranty cover ( see warranty page ) or if you are supported by our own warranty package, we will endevour to source parts and resolve the issue at minimum expence to yourself.

We have a fleet of loan cars which can be utilised if you arrange insurance and fuel costs.

We offer service, MOT, Body shop and paintless dent removal facilities, together with valeting, electrical diagnosis, wheel refurbishment and interior trim repairs.

We always advise clients to take out breakdown cover as recovery is one of the most expensive issues if a vehicle should have a problem. I have access to all facilities and yet i have been a member of the AA for over 30 years!

  • Your vehicle can brake down at the most inconvenient of times, leaving you to pay for large and unexpected garage repair bills. Warrantywise is here to help!

    Warrantywise will pay your garage repair bills, including parts and labour should your vehicle suffer from any mechanical or electrical failure of any of its component parts, covered by your policy.


    Oil can sludge and block all important oilways in the engine, if it were to block the oil pump, the engine would sieze.

    Lack of water could result in overheating, could result in a blown head gasket or worse again the engine could sieze through just being too hot.

    Poor tyre pressures can cause un-even tyre wear, cause the car car to pull left or right and in extreme cases the tyre can come off the rim.

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